(Cliche) I'm Feeling 22

Yup, it's my birthday. You all know my age for sure now. I'm freakin 22! I sure don't actually feel 22. Sorry Taylor Swift but I am not on board with you. For real, I look at kids my age and think "Gosh You're So Young." Oh hey, that's me too. Gah. 

Ya know, every year I get depressed around my birthday. I hate getting older, I truly do. Since my twelfth birthday I have cried every time. Just think what a mess I will be when I am turning 25, 30, 40, and 50. Just imagine if I live to 100! Holy mackerel things will be interesting. This year though I haven't felt as depressed. I guess that's me maturing? I don't know. Or maybe it's that I am just so dang busy with life that my birthday doesn't seem like much. Either way I know I'm older and that's about it. I didn't do anything special this year and that's just fine.

I've learned that fearing my birthday is stupid. It truly should be a day that you celebrate. The fact that I have made it to another year in my life is incredible. Over the past two years I have lost so many dear people my age to stupidity and chronic illnesses. It isn't fare to die young. It makes me sad that I used to fear my birthday, I am truly that lucky one. 

For this year I want to chose one thing to focus on. I want to focus on the moment I am in, not the future, not the past. Where I am at right now. That is what's important.