Wedding Wednesday: Things You Hear As A Young Bride


When K and I got engaged almost two years ago (holy cow two years ago?!) we heard all kinds of advice, negativity, congratulations, and are you sures? I expected it, especially from the people I work with, they're all older crochety men and one very unhappy with life old lady. But what truly surprised me was the things I heard from people I didn't know, especially people in the wedding industry!

Things a Young Bride May Hear.jpg

1. "You look too young to be getting married." 

Please, please tell me that one more time so I can punch you square in the mouth, or maybe throat punch you. Ya know, I actually get this a lot currently being married. Yes, I am younger and am slaying marriage at 21 but give me a break. When I was trying on wedding dresses with my mom the first thing the lady said as I was awkwardly pretty much naked aside from my neon green thong (yeah, I wasn't expecting to be trying on wedding dresses that day), "Honey, how old are you? You look so young to be committing your life to someone else?" In my head I was saying, "Yeah, I am young, I am 20, can I have someone less judgmental please get the commission off this sale?" But in reality, "Yup, I am 20." Just flat out blunt.


2. "Have you dated anyone else? You're so young."

Thank you dream wedding planner I was about to drop $5,000 on so I didn't have to deal with my disastrous venue(story for another day). Yeah lady, would you like me to explain my past relationship where I was manipulated and almost moved across the US for a military man who was definitely not about Semper Fi? Sorry, I chose not too date my entire twenties and get my heart ripped out, or rip K's heart out just to experience more men? I think I have chosen my time to dedicated my life to one individual and not waste my time trying to make relationships out of something they aren't.


3. "Oh goodness, please tell me you aren't going to ruin your youth more by having kids!"

Pretty sure the decision of starting a family is between K and I. But wait, timeout, who says I am ruining my youth already? Dear dear event planner of Rancharrah who strips on the weekends and openly sleeps with the owner while snorting cocaine, you may know how to live it up on the pole but I would rather not stuff $1.00 down my panties.


4. "How old are you and the groom? Great, so a long engagement is in mind?"

Ehhh actually I am trying to book you for July of 2015. Is that a problem?


Those were just the highlights. I mean, yeah we are young and got married young. I get it, but being in the profession where you deal with weddings for a living you would think you would just keep your mouth shut and talk about us with coworkers after we left. On the contrary their were also very positive moments with being young.


5. "Gosh you guys are so young! My wife and I were about the same age as you two when we got married. Let me tell you sharing your younger years together is the best as you get to grow up together!"

Mr. DJ man, you just won our business!


6. "A youthful bride in a timeless gown is my favorite."

Can I please just hug you Mrs. Alteration lady?


7. "I love working with the younger generations, you challenge my creative thinking."

Florist please help me create an elegant wedding using deer and elk antlers that doesn't look redneck.



Yup, pretty much I like only hearing what I want to hear! But heck, when you're planning a wedding you want to work with those type of people!