My Time Away and New Beginnings

If you’ve read my about me page you know that I stopped going to school after earning my associates degree. If you read another sentence you also read that I blamed that on wanting to be a stay at home mom. While this may be true when I wrote my about me, it’s different now. A year ago I wanted a family as soon as Kyle got out of school in a couple years. My plan was to just work a job until then. Than I would quit and be a house wife. Now while that still sounds awesome I have realized something else.

Kyle and I are not ready for kids, what I thought I wanted than is not what I want now. In my head for the longest time I have been stuck on having kids before I am 25. Yes, I still have time before that number but I have realized that’s just a number. Before kids Kyle and I want to experience so much in life. This is probably the biggest reason I didn’t continue on to a bachelors. A problem I have had my entire life is planning ahead not living in the moment. For some reason I had a realization that I am still so young and there is plenty of time to have kids. Age is just a number and it’s no fun living, waiting, and thinking for the future.

Yeah, I have an associate degree. But are those credits worth it? Not a chance, I didn’t give two craps when I was in school. I just made sure I passed the class. My excuse? I was too immature to realize the importance of a good grade. At the time I didn’t want to move on from my associates so I didn’t really understand the importance if I were to further my education. Over the past six month I have had this itch to get back at it, but I hadn’t pulled the trigger because my grades suck and weren’t going to count for anything transferring to a university.

My time away from the books has been amazing. I have been experiencing so much more than I would have if I were nose deep in studying. I truly enjoyed not going to school, I hate school . Honestly. With our move coming up I realized I am pretty much worthless to the work world if I want to make a decent amount of money. Now what I just said is not something I believe in to its full entirety. I look at my parents, absolutely no college education and they are kicking ass in the work world. But for me, I want something to back me up, I want something special. I am good at focusing on one thing and kicking ass at it.

I am beyond excited for what I am about to say guys. I was accepted into a program that starts tonight where I will be working towards becoming a Medical Assistant. Today I am also starting two online classes. Those two classes are retakes. I took the classes before and I am ashamed to say this, but I failed them. In my year and half away from school I have realized that I want to be better than I am. I want a job that I enjoy, I want to be worth something.  

With all this being said, my time from school made me grow more than I ever imagined. I have grown so much since my last class. I am not sure how this semester will go, so if things slow down please understand. I will be busy working on bettering myself.