Wake Up

Lately I've really felt like life has been at a stand still. We moved to Montana and I was so excited for this new opportunity. A few months have passed since then I feel trapped. It feels as though I am at a stand still, life has halted, and everyone else is cruising a long. But I really can't complain. We are renting the best little house, we are in good health, I have a job, we are both in school, and we are together. I guess we can just say I feel like I am in a rut. The past couple weeks I have been feeling so down. I don't know how or when I am going to get out of this and when I will start to feel myself again. Trying to enjoy something when you are truly so lost is hard. But I think that that best part of being lost is being able to find your back. It's an adventure, a new awaking. It's the time that I will have to truly find myself.

My life is my life and it is worthy.