Wedding Wednesday: The Ceremony

We chose to go a more traditional route with our ceremony aside from having a a poem read from Tyler Knott Gregson. We also had our rings tied to a tree with a sign asking guests to bless out rings with their best wishes and prayers to our marriage.


Know this, and remember it when the nights get long or the days get short or the space between the minutes is stretched out and pulled tight between us:  Wherever we go, whatever we do, we will leave a trail behind us for the world to see.  We will burn white into the blue of the sky, and not a soul will be able to resist marveling at the mark we have made.

Plane Trails On Deep Dark Sky BW (by TylerKnott)

And if any of you wanted to see the arch better, here it is. I still can't believe how gorgeous it turned out. When I was envisioning using antlers in our wedding to incorporate the outdoors man in us I never imagined it would turn out so elegant and gorgeous.