Unscheduled MTBA

If you remember a while ago I announced that I was back into student mode. While this rocks I have soon realized that  my priorities are going through some major changes. Being a full time student at the community college, part time at the university, and enrolled in a certification program isn't where it stops. I work full time, manage my health, and work on being the best wife and dog mom out there. Lately I feel like I have been killing it in those categories, some more than others but none the less (let me toot my own horn) I have been doing pretty freakin fantastic at balancing life lately.

Although I've been slaying those categories, this blog has been pushed so far back on the burner it's insane. I had posts scheduled for all of February and March, but I didn't have them completely done. I usually schedule out a post when I have all the content done except pictures. Then I would go through my posts for the week on Saturday and Sunday to add in pictures. Thing is I completely slacked at this once school started. I would go in full panic mode the day I had something scheduled, once I realized of course, when they weren't finished. Needless to say I unscheduled every post. It sucks, but it needed to happen.

With having to cancel all these I realized that I was just posting fluff, none of my stuff was actually good solid content. I apologize for all the list and crap I was throwing to you guys. I like reading that stuff, but I didn't want my blog to become that. So now I am kind of changing direction. Can you tell I'm indecisive? For now, I will post to you guys, write what come to mind, but not everyday. In fact I don't know how often, but I will be posting. Just realize if it's slow round here that I am BUSY! But I am alive guys.

See you on the flip side!