Living in a Miracle

Ok, my title may be a bit drastic but I'm serious. I live in a place that seems like a miracle. How many of you can be enjoying a wonderful 70 degree spring like day down in the valley, than drive 20 minutes and be in a winter wonderland? I'm sure there a lot of places like this. But to me mines the best. 

I have been really ready to just move and leave here, but this past weekend opened my eyes to stuff I am going to miss. Like hiking Mt. Rose to overlook Lake Tahoe. It's truly beautiful and spectacular. I get why Tahoe is such a favorite travel destination. If I could go back I think I would have eloped and climbed the mountain and married up there. It just sounds perfect doesn't it? 

For my birthday K wanted to do something and take me away form my constant schooling, while I was angry at him, I am very thankful for him doing this.I really needed to just take a step back and enjoy time together. 

If any of you lovely readers chose to travel to the Reno/Tahoe area don't pass on Tahoe or the quick Mount Rose hike, there is a quick one. It also takes you to some beautiful waterfalls. I think before K and I leave I want to try and hit all the main hikes around Tahoe. It's just too beautiful and I am going to really miss it.