Second Guessing and Nerves

Hello long lost world of blogging. I've spent my time away from here to better myself. I decided to pick up a new career path by completing a fast track course. The past three months I have questioned why I did this. Why did I spend the money? Why don't I just apply for a bunch of random jobs? I have considered just giving up and not trying as hard. Thing  is, I love this class, I love this career. I actually feel like I belong. But all the time spent studying and late nights at class led to me believe I was sacrificing to much of my marriage and other relationships.  

The job market for medical assistants in Montana exist, but it is not great. Especially for someone like me who has been set in not working urgent cares. About two weeks ago I decided to start applying for legit positions I wanted in hopes that something would come up. I kept logging back into the hospital database everyday checking to see if anything new was available or if I was offered some sort of interview. Now people, lets me explain something...I am very impatient, it's annoying. Not getting rejected nor offered interviews really killed my mojo. 

Low and behold on Tuesday I got a call. Let me just say that when I saw a number calling with a different area code I froze up. When I picked up and heard that the voice on the other line was a recruiting manager from one of the hospitals I applied to I freaked out inside! After confirming some details I quickly learned that this hospital was paying for me to fly up, have a room, and rent a car to me to interview. To say the least, I freaked the hell out!

I just went from thinking I made a mistake choosing this career to holy flipping cow I am being flown up to interview, they must really like me! The fact a company believes in me this much to invest so much in me means the world.

I have been hesitant to post about this as who knows what the outcome will be. I may fall in love with this department, clinic, and staff but get rejected. On the contrary I may fall in love and they may be really impressed with me.

However this interview goes I am beyond thankful for this opportunity and just can't believe I am getting to experience this kind of situation. Truthfully, I have never been interviewed for a job, they have kind of been handed to me. I am so nervous and have a huge laundry list of things and items I need in order to prepare. .

How do you guys best prepare for an interview?