Interview Attire

About two weeks ago I wrote to you guys about my feelings of becoming a medical assistant and how it wasn't going as smoothly as I wanted along with a new opportunity that popped up. Well I am here to announce that I landed that job! I will working as medical assistant in oncology! To say I am excited is extremely under exaggerated. I am beyond thrilled! Today I have decided to share with you the outfits I chose for my interviews! I had two separate interviews on two different days. The first one was an interview with the nursing manager and the second was with all the staff of the office. 

I am apologizing ahead of time on the lack of picture quality. Taking my camera was the last thing on my mind! Oh yeah, also, ignore my same overly used pose. I get real creative guys.

For the first day I chose to dress modest, professional, clean, and simple. I also decided to pull my hair half pack so it didn't appear I was hiding my face.



The second day I went with a tad more flair and chose a simple patterned dress blouse. Basically I just added some color! I chose to keep my hair completely down as it allowed a different look between the two outfits that were majorly similar. 



With not being sure of all hospital policies I chose to hide all tattoos and also apply derma blend over the tattoos that could be seen by chance my hair moved or clothes adjusted.

I chose to keep my jewelry at a bare minimum and my makeup was very subtle. 

I carried with me a slightly over sized Dooney & Burke purse that easily held my resume, reference letter, pens, and all travel itinerary.