Leaving a Homely Town

When I was younger my family moved often. I was able to live in some really cool places and experience many different cultures. But 13 years ago my parents said we were making our last and final move as a family. My family packed up from Alaska and we headed down here to Reno. At that time I didn't believe this would actually become home. 

I finished elementary, middle, high school, and college here. That is a lot of years and mile stones. We stayed in one house and my parents will continue living there until they make the move to their farm in Washington. I have gained and lost many friendships. I fell head over heals for a man that is now my husband and the reason I am leaving my home. 

Thing is I have I realized that home is no longer Reno, home is home. Home is where Kyle, Opie, and I live. It's where we conquer life and smash all doubts. Tomorrow I am leaving Reno and I am scared.

I have lived here for 13 years and I have lived in my apartment for 4. My apartment has become my domain and the place I prefer to be a hermit. 128 is where I first welcomed Kyle into my life, it's our first place where we lived and thrived together. It's where we recollect everyday, rejoice, and love. 

I am saddened to leave this place we have called home but I have realized I just have to make home somewhere else now. Yes, we are leaving our families and friends, but we will make new up there and visits are always welcomed. I am excited for the growth that will occur solely for me and for Kyle and I's relationship. I am blessed to have family in Montana that I will have the chance to grow closer with. Montana is opening so many new doors for us, it's truly incredible. As scared as I am for this journey I am even more excited.