It's Me...Again

I wonder how many times I will be making a come back before we roll into 2017? I sure hope that you guys understand why I've been absent, basically non existent at this point. Today i have decided to stop by and say hello, again. For all of you still hanging around and waiting for my posts, I am here. Today my life is a tab slower then normal and I am taking full advantage of this opportunity.

Days off seem to have been a fairly common thing the last month, however these days off are usually still just as busy and feel more like a chore day than a day off. However today, this morning, it's me and my Ope. While K is off to school this morning, and actually going to a thing called Tumor Bored at my place of employment I am enjoying a small cup of coffee and writing.

I haven't been around much to write on this space, life can be hectic when you least expect it. I have come to realize that I have been so busy I haven't taken time for me and allowed myself to do something I love. Today I am allowing myself a couple hours this morning to really enjoy me. Our house is kept up nicely, but not entirely. I must admit that some sweep sessions can get a little lazy and I may have dusted a bit of particles under a rug. But heck, I'll get back to it later, am I right? Today, I wont be finding those treasures. Instead I'll try and revive whats been lost in all our chaos. for instance my poor plants.

Since abandoning this place and giving you guys a quick recap of our new life in Montana I have realized a lot. Montana has been great. K loves school, I love my job, we have made a few good friends, and used our navigation a little much. The home we moved into is amazing, and I wish it was truly ours. We have started to love our new city, but it hasn't grown on us entirely. We miss the mountains and we miss our family. At times I have felt stuck and so alone watching our families carry on without us. I flew home and surprised my parents a couple weekends ago and it made me understand that our families miss us more than we can imagine and want us around more than we want to be home. It's all a mutual feeling. I send pictures to our mothers letting them know we are ok and what we have been up too, we try and facetime often. But these miles are still so distant and lonely.

Living in this new land is magnificent though, it comes with many blessings. We are learning to be alone together, we are learning that time spent on the computers or with our faces in the books is time well spent, still together. Quality time isn't always about going out on dates and planning. It's about being in the same room together, working out, walking Ope in the evenings, eating a quite dinner at home, and watching Netflix before bed. The thing to be thankful for is that we are in this together and both in good health.

This job I love has brought so much growth in myself. I have grown to be more humble, kind, and appreciate good health. I have learned that marriage truly means through sickness and in health. I have seen couples be torn apart from this devilish sickness, I have also seen love become stronger. I have witnessed failure, success, death, and achievement. Every day a patient opens my eyes to such marvelous aspects of life, I see how important the moment we are in now is. I've seen what true strength and fight is. I've seen the sadness in a doctors eyes and their voices change when they find out a patient has not pulled through. I've witnessed some of the greatest minds and kindest souls work together to do all they can for someone they barely know. Oncology is a world that I never saw myself living in, but I am so thankful for the opportunity I have been given to be in it. I am thankful to be a person patients rely on and turn to for help when they can be suffering so much.    

Living in this new world is an amazing blessing. I am hoping that I am able to allow myself time to share our adventures here much more. I hope that my followers have stuck around and that I can grow this place back to where it once was. Well, this does it for today. I am off to finish all my small projects and take a test for my online class. Cheers to the weekend my friends.

Stay safe, humble, and have a wildly adventurous time.