Well that's a Start

Is everyone else tired of hearing "New Year, New Me!" But also tired of hearing the phrase getting bashed? I know I am, certainly. Every time a new year rolls around there is this certain hype that we can completely 180 ourselves into a better person. I personally love it, its a good starting point for change, and it is well marked for remembrance. Just like 99% of the United States I have created some new goals for the year. Am I going to make a fancy list and post it on here? Nah, to be honest I am way to lazy as of late to do that. But I will indeed give a brief update.

So far, I feel like I am slaying my goals. We are one week in and I have yet to let one slide off my radar. By improving these small acts on a daily basis I feel like a better brand new person. Not really, I am just hoping to make them a habit in the long run. I have really focused myself and realized that making these lists is awesome, but it is in no way going to complete its self. I have to dive in full force and be just as proactive as taking a shower daily.

How are your goals going so far? Have you dropped any? Feel accomplished? Feel behind? Any of those? If so, that's perfectly ay okay! The best part of being human is knowing that failing is mostly always an options!