We found out recently that K got accepted into PA school!!! I know, it's awesome, I am so proud of that man. We are still high on cloud 9 with the news. Thing is, school is in Montana!!! I am stoked on that fact, I truly am. But K's car would not be the best vehicle for that area. Since we found out our noses have been researching our best options. 
New, used, make, year, all that shiznit. 
We did it, we pulled the plug. 
Meet our new......we don't name cars so there is no need for a drummroll.....VEHICLE 

I can't believe I am at the age where I am considered a young adult. I look at people my age and think, WOW, you're still so young and immature. Than I look at my self and say, Who the hell do you think you are?!
I don't know. Maybe I feel so old because I moved out at 18, am married, own a truck, have a fur child, and am paying on a new CUV.
But I really don't feel like an adult. Well there have been two moments where I have felt like adult and that's it! 
1. When we went on our honeymoon, cruise ships and all the planning of excursion should still be done by mom. Not me or Kyle, nope, not cool. I don't appreciate that pressure of deciding my own fun. 
2. Buying a new vehicle. K and did research for months on what we wanted to buy. All this pressure of picking the perfect vehicle for us was hard. Sure I bought my truck, but I did that with my dad and he cosigned with me. He walked me through everything. This go around with the SUV crossover thingy was stressful. Shopping for the best loan with the best interest rate, not cosigning, making sure my credit was up to par, signing that dotted line ALL BY MYSELF!

Those moments were scary, I didn't know if what I was doing was right or wrong. Being an adult doesn't mean you're just along for the journey anymore. You ARE the journey. But heck, adulting with K is fun.