Last Minute Turkey Day Recipes

Yup, you read it. Last minute. Calling all you procrastinators!
How many of you feel like the holidays just really snuck up fast this year? I know I do. Heck I can't even believe its Thanksgiving Week, how did this happen?! I haven't even had a holiday Starbucks yet?! 
This. is. a. travesty. 
Well my friend, every year I make a dish to bring to Thanksgiving dinner. This year however I am not prepared one stickin bit. I do have some ideas though!
Easy, Quick, Holiday Recipes

Dinner Rolls: I made these guys last year and they were and absolute hit!

Sweet Potato Casserole: If you don't like sweet potatoes, just get out, now! Anything sweet potatoes is heaven! Especially when marshmallows are thrown in. 

Green Beans: This is such a yummy recipe, easily a favorite side dish at the table! 

Banana Pudding: Oh boy, I think I will make this. Who cares if others don't like this bad boy, I'll eat it alllll to myself!

Do you guys have any recipes to throw out there?