My Corner

My little corner of the world web is new to all. But I am not necessarily new to you. I used to run a blog. A mediocre blog that had no path to follow. I was planning a wedding and figured I would keep my distant family informed by writing on one site they could all follow. How many times have you heard that one? I remember when looking for favorite blogs and new people to sponsor that it seemed to be a constant theme. But as my wedding neared and stuff started to pile up a lot more bull crap entered my life and I just flat out abandoned my web page. I shut that mediocre thing down!

I am taking this new page, new chapter, whatever you want to call it and truly doing what I want to do. As I mentioned my old blog had no path, it was basic. I tried to make it into more and I exhausted my self, I felt defeated that I wasn't able to touch any readers hearts or build relationships. I basically had a serious lack of followers. This time around I have a plan. I am excited to start this page from the ground up and build an empire

So, I will start my new blog with full intentions to rock this world wide web!
First post, a terrible intro to this blog, but heck, I don't even know who I am.
Now I will share some goals with you all for my new bloggggggg!
But by the time you read this I will have already gone live, so pretty much this is all for me, and you to read later!
ETA: I've decided to just go live and work on building this blog up! So..WELCOME!

Short Term-Nowish Stuff

1. Get a damn good design going. (I will probably be constantly making tweaks as I am never satisfied.)

2. Sharpen up my photography skills to entice all you readers out there.

3. Get a weekly or monthly series prepared for you guys.

4. Make a list of blogs I would like to sponsor.

5. Get all new social media outlets up and running!(I failed miserably at this the first go around)

6. Find some link ups or giveaways to get involved with.

7. Get all privacy settings locked in tight.

8. Make a new whatever the heck that commenting platform is that I used to use and follow the blogs I still stock.(disqus and bloglovin)

Long Term-Hopefully Get Done Eventually

1. Buy a video camera, I really want to incorporate a vlog eventually!

2. Do a mini photo shoot to get some newer updated unwedding pictures of my self, the hubs, and pup.

Eh, this list is week sauce, but it's a starting point!