Gift-less Tree of 2015

If you were to walk in our apartment today you would see a little four foot tree decorated and shining bright. If you were to look past the lights and under the tree you wouldn't see any boxes, wrapping paper, none of it. If you were to look to the right of the tree you would see our red stockings. If you were to ask if they're eventually going to get full and topple off the window frame, I would tell you no.
Although Christmas is not about the gifts modern society has made it that way. And that is fine, it really is. I have nothing against gifts, we gifted family members and they gifted us. But Kyle and I are not gifting each other.
This year, 2015, has been a HUGE one for us. Huge is an understatement really. When thinking about it 2015 was probably the biggest year in our lives and our families lives. But lets just focus on K and I.

In early 2015 things were pretty smooth sailing, well maybe not smooth, we were just going along for the ride and planning the wedding. Eventually things picked up in June. We had our couples wedding shower, bach weekend, and in July we married. A week after the wedding our first niece was born. And a week after that we went on our honeymoon.
In August we had a weekend getaway with some good friends to San Francisco for a baseball game.
September came and went filled with love, laughter, and family. October was filled with Apple Hill Visits, pumpkin patches, and Kyle went on college interviews. A week after one of his interviews he was accepted into Rocky Mountain College. The first weekend of November we went to Indianapolis for a football game and had the best trip of our lives. We had planned to go too Disneyland over Thanksgiving but we ended up cancelling. A couple weeks ago we made a huge purchase and bought a new vehicle for Kyle.

And now here we are. The year may not have seemed like much to you guys, but to us it was a lot! And absolutely AMAZING! The year brought lots of love and gifts from the wedding. We went on trips and had fun. Having fun was costly in itself but oh so worth it.  

This year we have been so blessed and could not possibly ask for more. Kyle gifted me with a marriage that I am beyond thankful for. He has blessed me with being an amazing husband. He gifted me with becoming a wife and I love being a wife. We have decided we have been gifted so much this year that we don't possibly need to gift one another. Instead we have planned to spend Christmas Eve with one another eating a homemade dinner, watching Christmas movies, and enjoying a night in together. Although we are not doing gifts I have decided I will write Kyle a letter. What it will say, I don't know, but I am going to do it.