How to Get Fat in One Day: Cookie Exchange

Holidays, oh I love you. I love your food...yes your food. December is now upon us. And hopefully you all have recovered from your Thanksgiving feasts and not packed on too many pounds. I can guarantee this month will do you in if not. But if you don't...just leave.
My wonderful Mother in Law is throwing a cooking exchange party in the next couple weeks.
I'm stoked about this party! I love baking, I love trying new recipes, and I just love eating cookies. So all in all it's a win!
Here is what I am thinking...
1. Shortbread Bites

2. Oreo Balls

3. M&M Cookies

4. Hot Cocoa Cookies

5. Gingerdoodles

6. Chocolate Kiss Powderpuff Cookies

7. White Chocolate Ginger Cookies

I really like the white chocolate ginger cookies and powderpuffs.
Anyone made these and advise against making?
Have better ideas?