Indy Love

A month ago today K and I took off on an adventure! And it was the best adventure EVER!
We went to Indianapolis!
I have never been further East than the Rocky Mountains (aside from our honeymoon but that doesn't count!) so it truly was an adventure for me. 
I expected the trip to be fun, but I didn't expect to fall in love.

Dear Indy, I have fallen head over heals for you. I want to return, I want you in my 5 year plan. Will you please agree? Please tell me you love me too and will accept me with open arms?
How could I have fallen so hard, so fast?

(please ignore crappy phone pictures, I forgot my camera)
It may have been the fact Lucas Oil was in view from our room.

Or that we met you in the fall and I happen to be in love with mildly cold weather and colored leaves. Doesn't every where looks better in the fall?

Maybe that sports rules in your city, and I grew up where professional sports simply don't exist? 

Is it my mild obsession with history, especially historical buildings and you just happened to feed that obsession?

That you are home to my husbands favorite NFL team? That your people chose to cheer for the Colts but still respect and love Peyton Manning as if he's your own? That every bar or sporting event we went to had hard cider on tap?

Could it be that you accept tourism well and make us lost in the city but feeling as if we belong? 

Please Indy, love me too?