Moving Prep

Yup, don't expect to see my moving tips. I haven't began backing, it's just not time yet. The title is moving prep...not physically prepping. But mentally.

Ummmmm, yeah. Mentally I don't know what to do. I want to sell everything, but yet I love everything. I can't wait to move away and let Kyle and I grow on our own. But I will miss my parents terribly.
Here is how I am attempting to prepare myself.

1. Appreciate every moment with family even if I just want to strangle someone.

2. Every night I stare at our belongings debating if I could live with or without them

3. I started making a list of my monthly duties at work for whoever takes my position.

4. Often I will see lots of things locally going on that I just feel too tired to attend. Truth is, being tired, isn't going to be the same as next year when I am just not here in general.

5. Stop complaining about the weather. Just stop, the cold without snow is nicer than tons of snow and freezing temperatures.

6. Realizing that the time I have with Kyle right now is precious.  Before I know it he is going to be buried in the book. I really need to start planning some kind of date nights. I can't even tell you the last one we went on...marriage fail.