Random Thoughts

I'm at work, way too early. Like 45 minutes early. What the heck lights?!
Anyway, I don't have a post scheduled today so here is just a random non thought out post.

1. Opie has become quite photogenic, maybe I should sell calendars of him.

2. Speaking of that, anyone follow Roofus and Kilo on Instagram? Well I know them personally! They're my old GM now head honcho of the corporation I work for dogs. I wonder how they are doing? They just moved from California to Oregon. Maybe I'll give his new extension a good jingle today.

3. I have been scraping by using free editing software for some time now. It's been working out pretty good for me. But I recently made the switch to RAW and now I can't use half of them. I have started using Picasa, I think I could dig it for awhile.

4. I seriously need to invest in a new monitor. A faded out laptop screen is not doing me any good. Editing on my work computer is probably going to bite me in the butt eventually. Eventually work is going to flag my computer and realize I have been editing photos and saving them. Which means I have not been doing my job and messing around instead. Therefor gives them an excellent reason to fire me.

5. For the past week I have been waking up with so much pressure in my ears I am going to freak out eventually. What in the world is wrong with me?

6. Studying for the PTCE seriously sucks. Why am I doing this again?

7. I really wish I wouldn't have chopped 8 inches of hair off after the wedding. I miss that uncontrollable main.

8. Speaking of wedding, should I do a wedding segment? Go over my day, the planning process? I guess that could be fun and attract new readers.

9. I need to get a better presence on social media.

10. I think I'm going to do a 365 day photo challenge beginning January 1st.

11. Maybe I'll host a giveaway with some fellow bloggers. Anyone interested?

12. Shooot, speaking of giveaways. I really need to get those care packages put together for all my fellow Nike Challenge buddies. Haven't signed up yet? Get on it, yo.