Wedding Wednesday: Getting Ready With The Girls Part 1

Starting this series of Wedding Wednesday has got me kind of stumped. I am not sure how I want to format these posts or if I should really type anything at all. I feel the pictures do a lot of talking themselves, but I don't know. Let me know how you would like to see these posts go down, because I  am just baffled at what to do.

The week of my wedding was a strange one. Everyday we had down pours of rain and flash flooding, it was pretty much every brides worst nightmare the week of their outdoor wedding. Everyday I would wake up and check weather underground hoping and praying for the slightest sign the rain would let up. To no avail. I was at a loss, we couldn't fit a tent in our venue because the overhead lights. That was if I even chose to have a tent, the tent we would have needed would have cost us more than all our other rentals...nope, not gonna happen. If our guests truly loved us they would come brave the elements.
For some reason, someone was looking out for me and gave me the best day possible for weather. The day before the wedding was clear with clouds and the most perfect temperatures! It worked out perfectly for our rehearsal dinner. Well, kind of. It was perfect to Kyle and I. Towards the end of our rehearsal the rain started dumping, but only lasted about twenty minutes. After the rain let up we were greeted with the greatest rainbow.
The morning I woke up there was only a 30% chance of rain, to say I was stoked is an understatement. In July weather in Reno can either be thunder and lighting or scorching hot in the afternoon. It worked out perfect, we had neither! It was about 75 degrees and overcast, but mostly sunny.

People will say I am crazy, that we were crazy. I started my day waking up at 8:00 am, I threw all the clothing for the wedding party in my truck and took off to the venue. We had till noon to get the place set up and ready. Yes, my bridesmaid, matron of honor, mom-in-law, mom, dad, father-in-law, best man, groomsmen, and I set up the venue. Yup, on the day of. Thinking of it now it seems crazy, but I wouldn't have had it any other way. I am picky, and as much trust as I had in the lady we asked to take care of day of events I had to be involved. Guess what? That wasn't stressful one bit for me, honestly. I like decorating and setting stuff up. Once it was all ready to go and I handed the reins over to our day of lady I headed to the mansion alone. I needed the time, people were driving me crazy. I just needed a minute to myself and reflect on what this day was truly about and that in a few hours I'd be back in my loves arms enjoying the best day of our lives together.

I chose to do my hair myself along with makeup. My goal was to keep myself as me. I didn't want to get super done up and disguise the real me. Kyle was marrying me, not my hair and makeup. I was pretty much ready to go once the photographers and videographer showed up.

Bride doing makeup

Bride and dog getting ready for wedding
 I got ready with Opie by my side! Of course we had to get him dressed up for the occasion as he walked down the aisle as well.
Bride getting her dog ready for the wedding

bridesmaid getting ready for wedding
My bridesmaid, Abby, has quite the skills when it comes to hair. She helped out my Matron of Honor as well as doing my Mother-in-Laws makeup on the day of.

I don't know why but those last two picture make me so happy. Seeing my mother and mother-in-law helping each other get ready was such a special moment. 

Come back next week on Wednesday to see the guys getting ready! The following week will be the Wednesday I reveal my wedding dress along with my bouquet.