White Elephant Under $10

Oh tis the season for White Elephant Gifts. I know that I cannot be the only person who thoroughly enjoys white elephant gifts! Now see bellow some of my ideas for this year. The key to having a good gift is for it too be funny, somewhat useful, and not completely tacky!

Fireball Marshmallows: Come on, this is awesome! Eat the marshmallows and get a buzz going, pop some in hot cocoa and get a buzz going. It's a win win! This website also has bourbon flavored ones if you're into that.

LED Holiday Glasses: These are just awesome. How could you possibly need anything different to spice up your holiday party attire.

Get Shit Done Pad: I want these. Work or personal use I'm all over it. They have an elegant flare to them but they're straight up.

Potty Putter: What man wouldn't want this in their bathroom?! It;s hilarious and fun!

Pizza Cutter: I think this one is really fun. Its actually useful

Cheese Slicer: Once again useful and AWESOME! But definitely leaning towards tacky. I personally wouldn't want this nor buy it. But I like it.

Instant Underpants: I think I'm gonna say this is my favorite of them all. INSTANT UNDIES! This is genius! Click on the link and there's even a video.

Items that didn't make the cut! But they sure were runner ups!