Winter Care For Your Hair

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Every winter I face the same issue, my skin drys out, my lips get chapped and my hair frizzes and breaks. I'm sick of feeling embarrassed about these beauty troubles so I've taken matters into my own hands! I've teamed up with the amazing Brittany of Everday Thoughts and we've tried and tested a plethora of beauty products for skin, lips and hair all in hopes that this year we won't fall victim to itchy dry skin, scaly lips and split ends.

I'm sharing our favorite hair treatments and you can find the best of the best in skin and lip products here.

BioSilk Leave-In: 
I didn't want to leave this product off the list as it could work for someone else. At first I loved this product, it felt great, and had a decent smell too. You really only have to use the smallest amount possible. This product ended up being way too greasy for my hair. Although sometimes I will apply a tad to my ends if my hair is really struggling to stay moisturized. I could see this product benefiting someone with really frizzy damaged hair.

Tigi S-Factor Shampoo and Conditioner:
I LOVE this product. I have used it before, but I can only use it in the winter as it's too much for the summer months. The smell is amazing! And my hair is never as a soft, shiny, and moisturized as when I use this.

Living Proof Restore Mask Treatment:
Oh holy grail of hair happiness, I love you. I got a free sample form Ulta of this bad boy and never got around to using it. I tried it two weeks ago and fell head over heals in love. I went out and bought 8oz of it! I used it again on Sunday as weekly is just fine for my hair, and I can't get over how amazing it is.

Water: Yes, Brittany mentioned this in her post for lips and skin as well. But seriously ladies, drink water! Lots of it too! It is the best thing for your body. Depending on where you live tap won't be your best choice. So go ahead and splurge on this bad boy. Another great benefit of drinking water is that it detoxes all the nastyness out of your body. But it can take awhile, speed it up with some Kombucha.

Just like our bodies need a fresh start sometime, so does our hair. Using all these products daily can cause some serious build up that leads too itchy flaky scalp. Doesn't sound fun huh? Well, my girl T is a miracle worker. My hair is completely brand new after using this and oh so soft! It also helps combat and friz.