Workout Wednesday: Never Miss a Morning Workout Again

By the time I see the clock strike quitting hour at work the gym is no where in my mindset. All I see is sweats, dinner, and my bed. Before K and I were together I was totally ok with hitting the gym after classes at 10:00 pm, but that just isn't life anymore. If I were still going at night or in the afternoon I probably would be skipping all the time.

Working out the morning is probably the most refreshing thing out there. If I don't go I feel slugish all day and am just not myself. We have a friend who used to make fun of us constantly about working out at 3:00 am. He tried it once, and now he's hooked too!! Don't immediately shy away from the idea of working out early or be afraid. Let me tell you this, the gym intimidates me. The people in there, I constantly feel judged. But I am extremely self conscious. Many of you probably just go in bust out a workout and not think twice about what the person on the elliptical is thinking of your workout. But going in the morning I feel so much better. At my gym there only four of us that early, yup only four. It's the same little wolf pack every day and it rocks.

If you want to try it seriously do it. You won't turn back, there are so many pluses with going early. The best one, you get all the machines you need!

1. Have a plan, know what you want to do at the gym. Are you gonna run? Well, how far? Are you gonna lift? Well, what part of your body? Are you gonna do a full body circuit? Better get to writing down your plan there honey. I will admit I have been struggling hard with this lately. But I blame it on feeling burnt out. I am really working on switching up my workouts lately so I continue to go consistently.

2. This may sound silly, but pick out what you want to wear the night before. It is no fun, and a great reason to stay in bed when you don't have anything to wear. I don't mean staring at your closet or in your drawers that are full for minutes kind of nothing to wear. But more the, Oops, looks like I was too lazy to do laundry and have NOTHING to wear. Might as well just crawl back in bed and hit snooze.

3. Snooze, don't. Just don't hit that wonderfully evil snooze button.

4. Get a partner. Before K came around I was solo and extremely inconsistent. But now that I have him motivating and basically forcing me out of slumber I am consistent. It is very rare for me not to miss a day.

5. Be honest with your self. Are your legs crazy sore? That doesn't mean you can't work on your arms, shoulders, or back. In fact studies prove that lightly working out the muscles that are sore may improve recovery time! If my quads are feeling pretty tight still after a day or two I will do some body weight exercise and really focus on rolling out and stretching! I swear by it. Along with being honest on being sore, know your level. When I say level I mean your ability. Yes, you should always be pushing yourself as hard as you can at the gym, but don't kill your self. If I haven't tried to max out on squat in over a month I am not gonna just throw three plates on! Build your self up over time, being consistent will land you way further than you'd imagine.

6.  Early bed time. I know, we are young and shouldn't be in bed by 7:30-8:00 pm. But we just have too. Sleeping is even more important than working out, without a full nights rest I  would not be having the gym. K and I get made fun of constantly about our schedules. Ya it sucks and it seems boring to others, but it works for us. I get home around 5:00-5:30 and get dinner started. K usually gets home about 6:00 and than we eat. Than it's time to bundle up and take Opie for his third walk of the day, yup THIRD! I swear he isn't a bulldog, but that's a discussion for another day. After the walk we will watch some TV or clean up and head too bed. Usually we are in bed about 7:15 and watch a show till we fall asleep!