Favorite Camera Bags

Recently I have been taking my camera almost everywhere with me. I mean come on, you never know when an opportunity will arise. I recently bought this bad boy for hiking. After buying that I realized that I still need a way to carry my camera around on basic outings. I mean, I could totally carry around a bright orange backpack everywhere but I'd rather not. Plus I am due for a new purse anyway. I've really outgrown mine.

1. Kelly Moore B-Hobo: Ya know I really love this purse. It is stylish, not too big, and you would never know it was a camera purse. My only draw back is the size. It measures about what I am carrying now. Right now I have to remove one of my wallets, yes I have two, in order to put my camera in there. Which is fine, but it is an inconvenience. I think having the dividers would help with that though.

2. Kelly Moore 2 Sues: I am in LOVE with this one. Anybody wanna gift this? There are tons of colors to suit any style! The size is great in my opinion. It has the room needed for a camera and more. But it is not too big like most camera purses.  

3. Epiphanie Chelsea: I like this guy for exploring cities. If I were to have lugged my camera around Indy or San Francisco on my past adventures I would have wanted this one!

4. LowePro Whistler: This is basically my dream adventure camera backpack. It's pretty much an upgrade to the one I bought. It has plenty of room in the camera storage compartment for multiple lenses and accessories. The access to the camera is great for if your traveling as well. There is no way for "pick pocketers" to access it without you noticing. This might not be the best back pack for longer adventures but it does offer killer support. I would probably use this backpack for day hikes and mountain bike days.

5. Mind Shift Gear Ratio: This is the almighty in my eyes. The backpack in general is great for harder hikes and heavier loads. It is by no means an expedition pack but it would get the job done. I love that the camera compartment is detachable! With that being detachable it is also possible to leave your backpack on and whip the compartment around to the front for quick easy access!