Flying Essentials: Carry on Items, Help Beat The Lag

Flying makes me feel like crap, straight up. I don't know if it's a mental thing, or legit physical.
Flying isn't a a commonality for me, but 2015 made up for my lack of traveling. Through the year I learned quite a few things that worked for me and I hope will work for you too!
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Kombucha: Well, this stuff is miracly nasty. Yeah, I made miracly a word just now, live with it. If you don't pack your own snacks you'll probably end up eating at an airport, icky. If you're not used to junk food it can really throw you off, plus the sodium content along with inactivity, and altitude will make you balloon up. Kombucha is an amazing natural probiotic and a great source of vitamins. This stuff will help keep your immune system up and your digestive tract working properly. 

Facial Cleanser Wipes: Whenever I am sitting for a long time for some reason my face seems to really secrete oil. Whenever we are getting ready to land I'll pull out a wipe and wipe my face. I always feel 100% better and not as zombie like. Along with that, I never put on face makeup when I am going to be traveling. But I will throw some on when I've landed if I am going somewhere where I need to look not so, uh, tattered. 

Sweatshirt: I don't care what time of year it is but I always get the chills on a plane. It's like they are purposely trying to freeze the passengers out. You know what makes it worse? The person you sit next too who turns on the freakin air above them. No sir, back up. I don't want none of that nasty recycled air. 

Stretch Session: Okay, now you can laugh at me. But I always have a good twenty minute yoga session between flights. I get so cramped up and tight during flights, this is a must. If time allows I will usually take a lap around the airport to get my blood pumping and legs moving. Than, depends on the amount of travelers and amount of handicap stalls available I will sneak in one and stretch. But if the airport is pretty clear of people (a lot of the airports I deal with are smaller) I will just stretch in one of the seating areas. 

Extra Clothes: If I am flying for business I always bring a change of professional attire. I will start my journey in some sort of workout attire, spandex crops are my go too. Once we land before the baggage carousels go I will run into a bathroom and change, throw some makeup on, and be all spiffy for the boss men.