Meet The Blogger

Guys, I am so glad Ashley from Girl Talk posted about this challenge that Sarah started.
Seriously this challenge rocks! I think this topic is perfect for me. I am pretty new to the blog world and have had a couple new followers come along. I have been working on revamping my about me page, so maybe this will help!!

As you know, my name is Mae. I started this blog as sort of a re-brand after my last blog failed epicly. I am actually in the process of moving this site over to squarespace. So stay tuned for a new site my friends, it's going to be EPIC! But for real why didn't I just start over at that hosting site. Blogger, I have loved you for quite some time but Squarespace is everything I have wanted and more.

Let's see, I am a newlywed and really loving marriage so far. I know, eye roll, it's supposed to get harder. Call it the honeymoon faze, but marriage rocks! My husband and I do not have any kids at the moment but we do have a fur child whom we love more than anything! Opie is the best bulldog out there! Don't challenge me. I am planning on posting lots more about the little guy as bulldogs are quite the adventure. We are hoping to add a fur child to the family in early spring after we've made our move up to Montana.

I would like to say my husband and I are pretty adventurous. We love to hike and mountain bike! Well I more like to hike and he loves mountain biking way more than me. So it's kind of a compromise. I get to explore cool places while he gets to ride a bike up hill verses walking. I've recently started forcing myself to like running. I have always been big into weight lifting and actually almost competed in power lifting, but I steared clear after starting to have some hip and knee issues. Running has been a great switch up in my routine, but I still prefer to be on the weight floor.

I used to write poetry ALL the time, but for some reason I haven't wrote a poem in over two years. I guess you could say that I have sorta found my way out of depression. I feel poetry used to be my escape, I would love to start writing again though. Maybe this space will inspire me. As for reading, I also used to love it. But I just haven't been able to find the time to pick up a good book lately.

Photo courtesy of Davey Hibler

We are currently living in Reno, Nevada. Yes the land of casinos and strip clubs! For real, it's nothing like that in the area I live in. If you've ever been to Reno you'll realize that part of our city is pretty minimal. But it is cool being able to drive twenty minutes into town and gamble if we want. Although in late May or early June we will be making our way up to Montana. We are very excited to move and experience a different place! Kyle has always lived here so it'll be quite the transition for him. I have moved lots and love all the things I've seen. Especially my experiences in Alaska! I am hoping Montana will be able to proved us with the greatest memories!