My 365

If you remember a while back I mentioned that I wanted to start a 365 photo challenge. Well today is the 7th day of that and I would like to report to you guys on how this going for me.
It's hard. I don't like it, but yet I love it. 
I am not a photographer, one bit. The reason behind starting this was to pick up my camera more and just practice with it, get used to shooting in different situations, and truly improve on it. 
I've learned that I live a very boring life. As you can tell Opie is about the best subject I have. Maybe I should have started an Instagram for Opie and did a #bulldog365. Speaking of 365, it's a leap year. So do I call this a 366 project? Or do I get a day off?
I have friends who do photography as a living who are doing a 365 project and they're amazing! I feel like I don't belong in this project. If you ask my honest opinion I don't see myself making it past the next two weeks. 

I am a week in and am ready to throw in the towel. I have a small following on Instagram, I think 105 people. I actually lost 6 followers the day I posted my first picture of my brothers AR. Yes, I know guns are a touchy subject. But can I just say this gun is used for competition shooting. They shoot at metal and paper targets for fun. They aren't murdering people. But back to what I was getting at on Instagram. If you look at 105 that's really nothing, I don't have a following. My pictures don't matter to anyone but me in reality. On average I get two likes on my pictures. Big shout out too @sarahnorthington and @jennlrichardson! You two rock! I guess I really need to get working on my social media. Any tips out there?

But enough with my pity party let’s get down to what I've really learned these past 7 days.
+Lighting truly is everything. I really need to just carry my camera around daily with me since I get home after the sun has set. 
+I need to brainstorm the heck out of a notebook. (People are going to get bored of Opie)
+I need a better editing system.
+ I really want a style; I want my photos to have a common theme. I think an editing system where I can create my own filter would really help with that. 

I don't know, I just don't think I am cut out for this. I wasn't even going to start a 365(6) because I was afraid of failure, and here I am already deciding that I am not made for this type of challenge. Maybe I should have started out smaller and did a weekly challenge?