My Current Face Products

Over the past six months I have set off on the goal to find my perfect facial routine. This has proven difficult and opened my eyes to how many products are truly out there! I would love to purchase the fancier more expensive items to try out, but that's just not possible financially. Plus, I am all about finding great affordable products. Hopefully you loves find an item to try out and it helps you!
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1.0 Wipe Your Face Off: I always use makeup wipes first before washing my face. I find this step usually gets me cleaner and I don't have to wash my face twice. I like this product, but I don't love it. It's easy on my skin but I don't feel it works all that great. I usually have to get it wet halfway through this step. But I didn't wear makeup for a month so I didn't use this product unless I was extremely lazy and just skipped the rest of my routine. Will not repurchase

1.5 Jurlique Foaming Cleanser: I love love love any face wash I have used from Jurlique! Currently I am using this one though, and its my favorite. The smell isn't amazing but the effect is worth it! Repurchase

2.0 Witch Hazel: Oh witch hazel, I love you. Since you've entered my life things have been easier!This product gets off whatever I have left from washing my face! The product also claims to reduce redness in my skin, I'm not sure if I believe it but if it helps more power to you! This product also rocks for cleaning bulldog wrinkles and tail pockets! I usually give the guy a quick cleaning if I have some spare time! Repurchase

3.0 Clean and Clear Spot Treatment: I have used this product off and on since high school. I loved it than and I love it now. My only issue is it really dries out your skin, so make sure you just spend extra attention when moisturizing. Repurchase, but I am open to trying something new

4.0 Boots Eye Creme: Well, this stuff feels great when applying, but honestly I have noticed not a single difference in my dark circles. I would have stopped using this product awhile ago but I spent the money on it and really wanted to love it. Will not repurchase

5.0 Boots Recovery Serum: This product feels great when applying, but again I noticed nothing. I feel like I was using this product for no reason but to add more product on my skin. I had to use about two pumps each time and it felts really siloconey. Will not repurchase

6.0 Nuetrogena Sun Screen: I only apply this product in the morning and I love it! I have been using this product off and on for years!! Repurchase

7.0 Jurlique Creme: My love. I think I really need to drop every product I own and just buy all Jurlique. The creme is THICK! But it is oh so amazing. I also apply this to my lips as I apply it on my skin, just feels so soothing and amazing. Repurchase

7.5 Clinique Moisturizer: I use this product at night occasionally. It is way too oily for my skin, but it seems to really makes a difference! It goes on really thin so it truly surprised me with how much moisture it adds. I have had this product for a long time and am only half way through it. Will not repurchase 

Here's a preview of what I am trying this next month!