Plan of Action

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The day I move seems a world away. But I used to say that about the wedding too. Now looking back that happened faster than I ever imagined.
I've decided that I need to get started on this new adventure. We have so much stuff in our apartment I don't even know where to begin. We are literally over flowing out of that place and I don't want to bring the clutter along with.
Have you guys moved before? How did you start preparing yourselves?
I think this list may help...

1. Go through my clothes and I mean really go through it.
2. Let go of my empty picture frames. Guys, I have this weird thing about picture frames. I buy them ALL THE TIME. I have three boxes under the bed of empty frames.
3. Go through the Tupperware, we have way more Tupperware than a couple would ever need, and half the lids don't have partners anyway.
4. Again with weird obsessions... I love blankets. I can't even tell you how many blankets we have stuffed in nooks and crannys.
5. This entire list pretty much reflects that mind set I am finding from reading this book. At first I was skeptical about buying this book, but it is amazing! I am glad I decided to read it as I am preparing to pack up. Getting tidy before moving is going to make a world of difference when it comes to unpacking. I won't be packing up any of this extra crud I really don't need. Mentally I feel like it's almost giving me an excuse to a fresh start.
6. Collect bubble wrap and good boxes from work. I am lucky enough to work in a place where we have packages coming in and out at a constant rate.
7. Buy colored duct tape. I have pinning a lot lately about moving. I love the tip to duct tape certain things in certain colors.

Have you moved lately? Do you have any tips for me?