Thoughts on Thursday

Welcome to another edition of Mae's random rambling on a Thursday. I have enjoyed these posts as I feel you readers are able to learn some more about me and connect on a different level. I am trying to establish a more routine posting style, I feel this is going to really help with that! Maybe I'll eventuality make a link up so others can join in! 

+ Tuesday night was the first time I felt upset about moving. I have been more than thrilled about it until recently. My mom and I were chatting on the phone as I was making dinner going over how our weeks are going and a bunch of other things. When the conversation turned into my mom saying, "We are thinking of visiting this weekend of October," I kind of got cold. I think it was the first time I realized that I will be without my parents now. I can no longer escape the house with my mom for a day of shopping and sushi when Kyle needs to study. I kind of got claustrophobic and felt trapped.

+ I tried a new deodorant this week, and it seriously rocks. I think it's Degree? Maybe, I don't remember. But it says it combats against white marks! Nine out of ten times I am wearing black so marketing totally pulled me in.

+ That reminds me, I am out of perfume and am using up all my free samples at the moment.

+ K and I have decided to move our savings into a completely different account, not just account but a new bank. I am beyond excited about this, the interest we will be building is really going to add up at some point in the future. Has anyone else banked with Ally? Let me know your experience! I think in another life I worked as a financial counselor of some sort. I seriously find joy doing taxes, checking my 401k, and just messing with money in every way.

+ I am loving my Garmin Vivosmart activity tracker, I have started a review post for you all. I am hopping to schedule it out sometime in February.

+ The Nike running challenge I created is going good, I guess. A lot of women dropped out of it and only two of us in the challenge have been running. Go Autumn! Go Me! Woohoo! I really need to start running outside more than the treadmill, it makes a huge difference.

+ I started a new thing where I only allow social media at home for one hour when I get home. Plus I have logged off Facebook for the week. People on Facebook were really starting to piss me so I decided I would fix the problem by basically just going dark. To be honest this is so nice. I love it. In this hour I am basically taking my picture of the day and posting it on Instagram. I do a lot of my social networking while I am at work.

+ I have started cleaning up my personal Instagram, I made it back when I was a freshman in high school, which means I am following a lot of people I have no contact with anymore. Basically I just want to be following my family and friends. Facebook may be next, but I haven't decided if it's worth the effort.

+ K and I have reduced our TV service to just local channels for the month, it is AWESOME! In February we are cancelling it all together and I can't even explain how happy I am about this. We will still be able to keep up with our favorite shows through Apps on our Playstation or Xbox. Plus, we can stream the news on any device! All we watch is the news, sportscenter, and our recorded shows. So basically, this won't be missed. Especially paying ungoshly amounts of money a month.

+ I feel legit depressed about not winning anything in the lottery. (well we won $8.00. But that's split between 5 people) I would have been ok with $20,000 I honestly just want to go to school. Any one want to donate to my cause? These winners better not piss away their money.

+ If anyone struggles from static shirts let me give you my cure. Put lotion on your stomach and back. Honestly, it's the best thing ever to combat static. But I do advise to shy away from doing this at work, in front of people. For some reason I decided to start slapping some lotion on my belly in the middle of a conversation, it got kind of awkward. What was I thinking?

I hope your week is going great and remember, tomorrow is FRIDAY!