Wedding Wednesday: The Guys Getting Ready

Wanna know what irritates me? How stinking easy it is for guys to get ready. Literally anything! Even there dang wedding, it takes 10 minutes TOPS! The morning of the wedding Kyle went to the gym, played Madden, and just relaxed. When it came time for him to head over he met up with his best man at the mall. Kyle decided he wanted new cologne for the wedding. Apparently he walked up to Macy's cologne counter and said " I am getting married today and want to smell extra good. So show me what you got." He ended up getting Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue. Which by the way smells AMAZING! You should really pick some up for your man for Valentines Day! 

When Kyle got to the venue and was getting ready to get dressed he quickly noticed that his pants weren't there. Yup, I, the bride, who checked every mans dress bags 10 times forgot to pack the grooms pants. How I managed that I couldn't tell you. Luckily his dad ran home to shower after setting up and was able to stop by my parents house and magically find them.

After that mess things ended up going extremely well! As I am not man I cannot fully tell you what went down with the guys. But I do know this; Kyle opened his gift from me, they took shots, and got dressed!