Wedding Wednesday: My Bouquet & Dress

When I first went to look at dresses it was not planned. Kyle was playing a softball game so mom and I went out shopping. We were making our way over to TJ Maxx when we drove past a bridal store. With being newly engaged we thought what the heck, lets just go look and get an idea.

The day I tried on my dress I was so unsure if I was choosing the right dress, it was only the third dress I tried on. The first dress made me want to diet hard core for a year before even trying another dress on. I was so uncomfortable and didn't feel like a bride. My mom could tell I just wasn't loving the entire process. I had no idea what I wanted at the time, I didn't plan on trying them on so soon. As our consultant was trying to get a better idea of what to pull for me to try on my mom pointed out a dress she liked in the magazine she gave us to look at. My mom didn't let me see which one it was, just asked the lady to pull it for me. When I saw the dress hanging in the fitting room I had nothing good to say about it. Come on mom, seriously? This is so old fashioned and not what I picture at all.

Well, what do you know? I loved it once it was on. The detail was beautiful, the fit looked good, it showed off my back in the right ways and I was IN LOVE! Thing is, I wanted to alter it, a ton. I wanted to take the straps off and get rid of the keyhole back immediately. The consultant assured me it was possible. I walked around in the dress and fell even more in love. We ended up buying it right there on the spot.

That is what we had planned for with my dress! Isn't it gorgeous?! Gosh, just looking at makes me swoon all over again. These next pictures are what it was supposed to look like.

I loved the dress that way I wanted it, it was perfect. I felt beautiful and just so in love.

Two months later the dress came in and we went too pick it up. We had ordered it in the same size as the sample dress as it fit well, it was big, but not too big. I'd rather have that than too small. Well, the tag said 8. But the dress was definitely not an 8, IT WAS HUGE. The store manager said it was an 8 and we were taking it with us, no refunds or reorders. She said it was what we ordered, when in fact it was not. I tried on the sample, same size, and it fit how it should have, my dress did not. She still insisted we were crazy. Less than a minute later, "Oh we will get you in with our alteration lady and she'll make it nice and fit." Um, yeah, no. I'll be taking my business else where.

 This photo here shows how much had to be taken in from the sides for the SECOND TIME

We set up appointments with three different alteration ladies all telling me there was noo way to remove the straps and the dress fit, they could take them off and put different straps, but my dress had to have straps on it or I would have been flashing our guests all night long. They also confirmed the dress was not labeled correctly for the correct size. It was a size 14!!! All three ladies said the same thing and that my dress would be quite the chore to keep proportioned correctly with down sizing so much. I was devastated, and there was no way I was getting another dress.

After I settled on the seamstress I clicked with the best whom had the same vision as me she got too work. The entire process took 8 different appointments. Yup, 8. It sucked, I left so frustrated after each appointment. I just wanted my dress to be what I envisioned, what I bought. But I soon realized it would never be that way.

My poor seamstress worked hours on this dang dress, we both just wanted it to go away, but man this lady was amazing. She made me feel like it was going to worth it and tried so hard to keep my spirits up. I am truly thankful for this angel of a lady.

(can we just appreciate how long my hair was?! Why did I have to chop it off? )

On the third to last appointment I had to make the decision on what to do with the keyhole/straps. After trying all different scenarios we came up with a plan, I felt like it was going to work out great. When I went for the last appointment I fell in love again. It was not what I originally wanted, but it ended up being everything I didn't know I wanted in a wedding dress.

 The beading she did was truly amazing, she put so much detail into my dress.
After all this I ended up with the most beautiful dress!  

Gosh, I hope you're all with me still. My wedding dress story was great huh? Ok, I'll make my bouquet explanation a short one (hopefully)

When it came to the entire something new, blue, borrowed, and old saying I tried. But I didn't have everything. So I'll just let you in on my something blue.
I never met my Great Grandma Addy. But the stories I heard made me love her. Throughout growing up I inherited many heirlooms of hers from my Grandma Johnson (her daughter, my mothers mom). Two months before the wedding my Grandma Johnson called my mom asking if I had something blue yet. Within the next couple weeks I received a package with the most beautiful antique blue earnings inside with the sweetest note inside hoping that I could use them.

I instantly texted my florist and asked her if it was possible to incorporate these in my bouquet. Of course she said yes and she did not disappoint. And yes, that is a little two point antler in my bouquet.