We married on July Eleventh, Two Thousand and Fifteen 
at the once historical Rancharrah in Reno, Nevada. 
Feel free to cherish and relive this day with us as many times as you would like. 

Our Videographer was absolutely amazing! He actually created two separate films for us, not really, but he did. One was a teaser he released the morning after the wedding, yes that next day I woke up begin able to relive a small glimpse.

Now that you've been "teased", please enjoy the full video!

These two do travel so don't be hesitant to message them, they rule!

 photo Getting Ready_zpsiq5e1mlf.jpg
Girls Getting Ready: Part 1

Dress & Bouquet

The Guys Getting Ready

 photo First Look_zpskjriqrfw.jpg

 photo The Ceremony_zpshl6jg4sv.jpg

 photo The Reception_zpsubs61q0d.jpg