A wife to a fearless husband and mother of a fur babe. Part time blogger, full time worker, and often a major smart ass. I finished up my associated degree in science and took a year or so off from school. Recently I have decided to continue on am now working on a degree in Integrative Health. I have a career path in mind for now I will just take it all slowly and get there when I get there.

The reason this blog is around is I missed blogland. I use to have a different blog that I've made disappear off the earth. Basically all you need to know is it was an epic fail. Now I am here, blogging again, and hoping to do much better. The name of this blog you ask? Well, it's cheesy. Everyone calls me Mae, my real name is pretty much irrelevant unless Kyle or my parents are mad at me.  My life lately has been, well, an adventure. Therefore I came up with Mae There Be Adventure. It's lame and like I said cheesy, I know. I thought it was creative, but I'm not that cool.


Husband to me and father to Opie! Handsome, gracious, hard worker. Current PA student.
You will more than often hear this good fellow referred to as "K" on here! 

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Bulldog with a major case of attitude, hyper tendencies through the roof, and ball chasen crazy. You will also often hear him referred too as Ope, McStickerton, Operton, ass, bub, boog, wiggles, and turkey butt. Yes, if you're wondering he is named after Opie from SOA. I told you  I was lame at naming stuff. If you want to see more of this bugger go follow my instagram! I usually post a lot about little bub.



Our little family of is originally from good ole' Nevada! However, recently we made the trek to "big sky country", Montana! What brings us up there you ask? Well, Kyle was accepted into a Physicians Assistant program up there. As I said I graduated with an associates in science, Kyle got his bachelors in Nutritional Sciences from University of Nevada Reno, GO PACK!
While we are up here I am hoping to have some rad hiking and backpacking adventures all while working on self development and rediscovering myself.

I love crossfit, nutrition, cooking, and being a wife. Animals also make me extremely happy, my friends refer to me as a crazy dog lady.
What else would you guys like to know?